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Max O'Brien Mysteries 3-Book Bundle
It’s not easy to have enemies <i>everywhere</i> … but con artist Max O’Brien is a man of the world. Read all three of Max's adventures in this special ebook collection. <br/> <br/>
<b><i>The Kashmir Trap</i> – Book #1</b> <br/> Professional con man Max O’Brien is on the run from police when he learns that his diplomat nephew has been assassinated in New Delhi. Eleven years earlier, Max’s brother mysteriously disappeared while serving as an ambassador. Determined to find answers this time, Max goes to India, on the verge of war with Pakistan, to unravel a violent past. <br/> <br/> <b><i>The Roma Plot</i> – Book #2</b> <br/> When con man Max O’Brien hears that one of his best friends is wanted for the murder of twenty-three people in Romania, he heads to Bucharest to uncover the truth. As Max uncovers secrets reaching back to Europe’s darkest days, he ends up with one foot in the present and the other in the past, scrambling to save his friend?s future. <br/> <br/> <b><i>The Tanzania Conspiracy</i> – Book #3</b> <br/> Max O’Brien travels to Tanzania to solve a friend’s murder, but finds himself wrapped up in the murky history of a killing spree of African albinos, and facing the possibility that his friend may have been collateral damage of a gruesome slaughter. Could the connection be real? Even in the face of horror, Max will stop at nothing to find out.

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