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Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey
Originally published in 1893, Ingersoll Lockwood&#39;s nearly-forgotten &#39;Baron Trump&#39;s Marvellous Underground Journey&#39; blends science fiction and fantasy in a story told by Little Baron Trump, an aristocratic boy who sets out from Castle Trump to discover the World Within a World that he read about in a fifteenth-century manuscript of the &quot;celebrated thinker and philosopher,&quot; the learned Spaniard, Don Fum.<br><br>Join Baron Trump and his faithful dog and companion, Bulger, as they set off to Northern Russia in search of a portal to the subterranean. Along the 500 mile journey, you&#39;ll meet an assortment of bizarre and fascinating creatures: a giant tortoise, an afflicted princess, a talking clock, Ant People and more. <br><br>Will Little Baron Trump and Bulger make it back safely to Castle Trump? ????Join the adventure! <br><br>This newly-released 2017 edition features:<br><br>&ndash; The complete text of Ingersoll Lockwood&#39;s &#39;Baron Trump&#39;s Marvellous Underground Journey&#39;<br>&ndash;Charles Howard Johnson&#39;s charming original 19th-century illustrations<br>&ndash;A brand new Foreword from the publisher commenting on the striking parallels between Lockwood&#39;s work and President Donald Trump, his son Barron Trump, and the incredible claim that President Trump may possess a time machine<br>&ndash;Original, stimulating discussion questions for use in book clubs, or for personal enrichment. <br>

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